As promised in this post, I am holding myself accountable for my weight and my health on the internet. Seems a little scary but a LOT necessary.

I listened to a podcast recently, (I can’t remember the person being interviewed because I have listened to so many lately) where they were talking about goals and how they have to scare you just a little bit in order to push you. They poo-pooed the idea of setting reachable goals all the time because where’s the growth? Where’s the challenge? And where’s the sense of really accomplishing something? So, for example, I didn’t want to say I’m going to meet my step goal one day this week and that’s it. Sure, I would reach my goal, but I wouldn’t feel very accomplished.

On the other hand, he said, you don’t want to be delusional with your goals either. Like, I’m not going to set the goal of losing 20 pounds and running 50 miles in the first week. It’s just not going to happen. So I wanted to set goals that will push me but also give me room to add intensity and commitment later. For example, I set the goal of reaching my step goal of 8,000 steps a day 5 x a week. I’m recovering from a foot injury so I knocked it down from the usual 10,000 but I have plenty of room to increase both the amount of steps and the number of days reaching it.

Week One Nutrition Goals

  1. 102 ounces of water 5 x a week. I have a 34-ounce water bottle that I bought at Publix that I love. When I’m at work I try to drink one before lunch, one with lunch, and one after lunch. I can do this most days but on the weekends I open the fridge and think, “That root beer looks delicious and frosty and yum.”
  2. No pop. Or “soda.” Or “coke.” Whatever you call it, I’m cutting it out completely. Buh-bye root beer.
  3. No sugar 5 x a week. By this I mean cookies. Brownies. Those little miniature chocolates we have to reward Sully’s pooping in the potty. (TMI?) Naturally occurring sugars in fruits are okay.
  4. One meatless day/week.
  5. Multivitamin daily. Seems simple and easy but I gotta write it down or it won’t happen. Even though I have a daily reminder on my phone already.
  6. No fast food/restaurants. Food cooked at home is just generally more healthy.
  7. Bring lunch to work every day.

Week One Fitness Goals

  1. Reach step goal 5 x a week. (8,000 steps/day) I need to get my butt up from my desk more often like I used to.
  2. Morning walks 2 x a week. This will probably be the most difficult goal for me. I’m in love with my snooze button.
  3. Go to the gym, yoga, or evening walk 3 x a week.

So, there it is. I’m also a spreadsheet nerd so I have a spreadsheet created to keep track and check the boxes for everything.

This is starting tomorrow, June 11th. There were a few reasons I wanted to start on a Sunday. First, people usually start their diets or exercise programs on Mondays. This way, I feel like I’m already ahead and have an advantage! Also, it gives me a chance to knock out some goals on the first day of the week, before I’m busy with the workweek.

Have a great week!

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