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This vanilla berry smoothie is perfect for a light breakfast or post-workout treat!

I don’t put ice in my smoothies because I think it waters them down. Instead I use frozen fruit. I think it makes them taste better and also makes them thicker.

I’m getting back into eating healthy most of the time. You know, protein, more veggies, a salad about every other day…

I listened to a podcast recently (if you get my newsletter you’ll know I’m obsessed with podcasts) and the topic was how do food bloggers deal with having food around all the time and not gain a million pounds? Well, that wasn’t the exact title but you get the gist.

Fellow Michigander Liz Della Croce of the blog The Lemon Bowl was interviewed for this topic. Liz has experience in losing weight and keeping it off and her voice was so refreshing! One thing she said that really resonated with me was how a lot of people will indulge in something and then be like, “Welp! I’m OFF the wagon! So the whole week is a wash!” I’m not quite that bad, but I have been known to eat a peanut butter cup and then surrender the rest of the day. Why?! Why do I do that? Liz said to make that peanut butter cup part of the plan. She follows the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time, she eats food that is good for her body with the occasional indulgence 20% of the time. You can’t be perfect all day, every day, so plan those little treats once in awhile. Just don’t be like, “Cheat Meal!” and then proceed to single-handedly destroy an entire meat lovers pizza.

I thought this sounded good but it is so hard to change your mindset. Last week we had a staff meeting (aka staff infection meeting) and they ordered pizza. I thought, “Okay, I’ll just have some of the salad.” Well, they didn’t order any salad, just pizza. Ugh. Really? I appreciate the free food but have a couple healthy choices why don’t cha? What to do? I had one slice of the thin crust veggie pizza and decided that was my cheat meal for the week (even though I had something spectacular planned for the weekend). I hate being in those situations when I’m trying to be healthy but I guess the key is to not make it a slippery slope of multiple stuffed-crust slices.

I love to hear from my readers. Let me know if you try this vanilla berry smoothie recipe. Or maybe take a pic and tag me on Instagram @dredgeanddrizzle. Want to save this for later? Pin it! Happy Monday!


Vanilla Berry Smoothie

Servings 2 smoothies


  • 4 scoops vanilla protein powder I used Bob's Red Mill
  • 3 cups almond milk soy or regular would work too
  • 2 cups frozen mixed berries
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 banana


  1. Blend all ingredients well and serve immediately.

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