This week has been tough for me.  More specifically, it has been tough for my body.  We tried to be halfway healthy over the holiday by doing a turkey trot.  That short 6k walk (we didn’t even run it this time) gave me the mindset that I could eat and drink whatever I wanted not only for the duration of Thanksgiving but the ENTIRE weekend.  Big mistake.  I had originally planned on going to yoga at least once between Friday and Sunday.  Didn’t happen.


Turkey Trot 2016

It is worth mentioning that I have been doing a fairly good job at eating right and exercising since early October. I’ve been trying to eat clean at most meals and committing to a semi-schedule for the gym and yoga studio.  So it was a shock to my body when Monday rolled around.  And by “roll” I mean fat roll.  I walked into my closet to find something to wear and immediately felt frumpy.  I needed to drink about a gallon of water throughout the day in order to start feeling halfway normal again.

Tuesday was only a tad bit better.  It’s my yoga night and I normally look forward to this time to unwind.  Not this day.  I was dreading it.  And I felt so guilty that I was dreading it!  It was my own fault.  Oh, the  crescent rolls!  The cheesy potato casserole!  The Oreo fridge cake!  What have you done to me?  I just wanted to go home and sleep.

Turkey Sandwich 2016

Turkey Sandwich 2016

I begrudgingly dragged myself to class.  I kept catching myself looking down at my watch to see how much longer.  My body ached.  I was sweating more than usual.  My balance was way off.  It was frustrating and not enjoyable.  To add insult to injury, I caught my fat roll reflection in the window.  When I put my mat in the trunk after class I thought to myself, “I have to remember how I feel right now the next time I want to destroy my body over a long weekend.”

Thursdays are my spin class night.  I usually have a spin buddy but she was unable to make it.  This made it VERY  tempting to skip.  But she specifically said to me, “Make sure you go because you’re my inspiration.”



Guess I’ll go then.

It wasn’t as torturous as yoga was two days ago, but it was more difficult than when I did the same workout two short weeks ago.

Eventually I would like to post inspirational diet and/or exercise blogs for everyone, but right now all I got is, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

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