I will happily review Hapa Li!  This Hawaiian eats food truck is pumping out succulent meats, noodles, and sides in Jax. The cornerstones of many of the dishes are the Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (grilled thigh meat slathered in Hawaiian teriyaki sauce) and Kalua Pork (pork shoulder slow-roasted wrapped in banana leaves).  You can choose one or get both meats in your entree for an additional $1.

My go-to is the Nulu Bowl; meat (I prefer the chicken) and veggies over noodles.  I also order a lumpia on the side.  I could eat just a container full of lumpia if people wouldn’t look at me like I had three heads.  They are crispy and tasty and just a bunch of yum rolled up, fried, and served hot.

Nulu Bowl

The only thing I would change about the Nulu Bowl is I wish the broccoli was cut smaller and cooked just a bit longer.  It seems to be only cooked long enough to not call it raw.

They also have what they call the Laiki Bowl which is the same as the Nulu Bowl except it features rice instead of noodles.  If you can’t decide between noodles or rice, you don’t have to. They also offer the Luau plate, which is meat, rice, noodles, macaroni salad, sesame-ginger napa salad, and a lumpia.

But the big daddy menu item from Hapa Li is what they call the Spamiyaki Burger.  I have only gotten this once.  Not because it wasn’t delicious but because I’m attempting to LOWER my cholesterol.  Definitely perfect for an occasional splurge though.  The burger is delicious on its own, but what sets it apart is a delectable slice of Spam, fried crisp with teriyaki sauce.  Even if you don’t think you like Spam, try this burger.  It will change your mind.

Spamiyaki Burger

This burger comes with sriracha mayo but you can also substitute their homemade pineapple relish. (Or add it if you want both!)

Nulu Bowl = B+

Lumpia = A

Spamiyaki Burger = A

Macaroni Salad = C

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